Petak, 8 prosinca, 2023

The Bloody Bridge: A place of great conflict between two neighboring towns – Kaptol and Gradec

Before Kaptol and Gradec were united in the well known city in 1850, there were no good relations between them. Right on the contrary, one of the shortest Zagreb streets in the city centre carries a somewhat creepy name that describes the relationship between Kaptol and Gradec – The Bloody Bridge.

Today, in this place that connects Tkalčićeva and Radićeva Street, there is no trace of the bridge.

Conflicts of those two neighboring towns reach to the 14th century, and the Bloody Brigde was first mentioned in 1667, in historical records. During the construction of the bridge across the brook Medveščak, one side was building a bridge, while the other was demolishing everything that was erected. On November 17, 1667, Kaptol people tried to arrange their part of the bridge, but armed conflict developed, after which the name Bloody Bridge was first mentioned.

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